• June 17th, 2019
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Teachers Exercise: Self-Discipline

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

A year has twelve months and therefore, we commonly say that after twelve months, a cycle is complete. This is the twelfths article and thus, this too signifies a completion of a cycle. This means that those teachers who read all previous articles and took the exercises seriously, will notice a slight change in their teaching style. What are those changes? The atmosphere in the class is of such quality inspiring active engagement in the learning process. The teacher has begun to study the TEACHER’S BIBLE (The National Curriculum for Basic Education) and his/her sense of responsibility for his/her class’ results has awaken. The biggest change however, is that the teacher has achieved and has maintained a natural discipline in the classroom. The subject is still discipline. What is discipline? In the teacher’s mind, discipline is when learners sit still and do as they are told. Dear teachers, that is mediocre. These articles intend to fight mediocrity. If we let our mind dwell on discipline, we will soon notice that it is a matter of character. It is the ability to guide our actions from within. It is the wisdom to know what is the right thing to do. In Biblical language, it is the narrow path which only few are able to walk. In short, discipline is a matter of SELF. Self-discipline is the right word to use, since it all begins within a person. What is the difference here? If a teacher wants learners to sit still and obey, then he/she has to use threats. This means, the teacher is disciplining the pupils and discipline is enforced. Self-discipline on the other hand, is the pupil’s ability to say, “I want to pay attention, because what I am learning here will increase my understanding of the world.” In this case, discipline comes from self. Exercise Speak to your learners about the difference between being disciplined from outside (through threats) and self-discipline. Let the learners see the joy of being able to control your own actions. On average, I give one hour lectures in front of 600 pupils (Grade 10 to 12). The principals are usually fascinated by this, because this might be the only time he/she has seen his/her learners paying attention for an hour. What type of magic do I use? I say the following words at the beginning of the lectures: A child in Grade One cannot be quiet by her or himself. She/he needs my help. You are all young adults. An adult is able to control him/herself. Prove it. This exercise completes the first cycle. We shall now begin with a new cycle of exercises: The personality of a teacher. Shapumba ya Shapumba is the Founder of Natural Learning Education Consultancy. He teaches HOW TO OBTAIN A+ IN ANY SUBJECT (students) and THE SECRET TO EXTRAORDINARY TEACHING (teachers). For booking: shapumbashapumba@yahoo.com or 0812786925
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