• April 7th, 2020

Team Namibia supports local poultry industry

WINDHOEK - A barrage of squawks greets Albert Handunge every time he steps into his chicken coop. As the owner of Kona MH Supply cc, a poultry company based in Katutura, he beams. Seeing his chickens with their laid eggs reminds him of how, if supported locally, the poultry industry can boost job creation and ultimately eradicate poverty! 

Kona MH Supply cc began operations in 2017 with egg production being its primary activity. “Currently the business owns 50 chickens which lay 90 eggs per day,” explains Handunge. One of the turning points in Handunge’s life was when he participated in the Entrepreneurship Training Programme, which is a Team Namibia initiative that is financially supported by the Embassy of Finland. The aim of the training is to improve business productivity and the incomes of selected Katutura-based SMEs through a range of activities, including providing training on basic business principles, business planning, organisation, marketing and costing, thus developing their business value chains.  

“With the skills acquired from the training programme, I intend to gradually increase efficiency and expand the scale of my egg production,” says Handunge. 

As someone who undertook lessons in poultry and egg production, Handunge advises that for such a business to thrive, accountability is vital. “You must ensure that every egg laid counts!  Being responsible is essential but most importantly, putting in measures that protect your investment is a life saver,” Handunge emphasises.

Handunge’s egg production business is also climate-smart and makes sustainable use of resources. He aligns this with the sustainable development goal number 12, which highlights responsible production and the efficient use of natural resources. “The chickens are less reliant on store-bought feed that’s produced elsewhere and which carries a larger environmental footprint,” says Handunge. 

Granted that Namibians do make a living from the poultry industry, supporting these people so that they can thrive is vital for economic fortunes.  Of the same opinion, Bärbel Kirchner, account director at Team Namibia, says: “Supporting local poultry farmers so that they can earn good incomes and help build a sustainable smart food system is crucial to driving economic growth and boosting shared prosperity in Namibia.”
Handunge’s joy and hope is to see the local poultry industry succeed. As a result, this will create more opportunities for several families that depend on jobs created by local businesses.  

Handunge says: “I am most excited if I am privileged to be part of the poultry industry success stories.” Handunge proudly adds that through Kona MH Supply, he is eager to restlessly push the frontiers of economic empowerment. – Team Namibia

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