• November 15th, 2019

Team Namibia’s ‘Power of Your Mind’ inspires optimism

WINDHOEK - Team Namibia’s Team Talk event on Thursday last week, focusing on shaping the future with mental power,ue is very apt considering the stage Namibians find themselves in their personal and business lives. Team Namibia as an institution believes success can be achieved with optimism and a positive mindset. 

Team Namibia invited Dr Chrisna Gericke-Fourie of the African Leadership Institute (ALI) to present a dialog on “the power of the mind” and how thinking affects success in any area of life. Von Gericke-Fourie is the training and marketing director of the African Leadership Institute (a member of Team Namibia). She is a medical doctor with special interest in helping people to live to their full potential. Previously a private general practitioner, she is now full-time involved in leadership development through the African Leadership Institute.

“After more than two years of having experienced drastic changes in our society, lives and businesses, where generally one has been led by all types of own emotions – which is quite a natural individual response to change – I believe everyone is ready to receive encouragement to create a positive future,” said Bärbel Kirchner, account director of Team Namibia.
According to Dr Gericke-Fourie: “You should think about what you think about, because what you think about is who you might become and what might evolve. It is a powerful truth from the field of neuroscience to emphasise the importance of your thought life.” 

She added that if thoughts really determine what happens to the individual and how their life is shaped, one must recognise how the thoughts of the individual can essentially influence everyone’s well-being. 

Kirchner continued: “It indeed starts with the power of the mind by thinking about our future, and getting all our resources – internal and external – aligned to work towards and implementing a positive future. Positivity and optimism, which are an individual choice, will help us to move forward, irrespective of circumstance; we need this to ensure that our economy will start thriving again. So, we should make every thought count.”  

The Team Talk is a regular event to engage Team Namibia members and stakeholders in current market-related issues, to further build awareness of the need to support and drive the production of quality local products and services countrywide for sustainable economic growth.

The Team Talk event was attended by both Team Namibia members and non-members and seeks to broaden networking and collaboration opportunities amongst the attendees. The Uukumwe mantra which connotes collaboration, unity and togetherness, drives Team Namibia in the pursuit to achieve “true Namibians” that think and act positively and recognise that “together, our future is brighter”. 

Team Namibia members voiced their inspiration gained from the talk. Some expressed the need for immediate action to change towards positive thinking in present economic conditions faced in the country. One participant also highlighted the importance of exposing the youth to the “power of the mind” or leading, through choosing one’s thoughts. Another Team Namibia member stated the importance of leadership training by institutions such as ALI as individual leadership will help to spread a “positive thinking lifestyle” among every Namibian citizen.  

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2019-04-08 09:47:50 | 7 months ago

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