• July 21st, 2019
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Technicalities ground NHE housing project in Omuthiya


Obrein Simasiku OMUTHIYA - Some technical issues experienced by Atlantis Logistics, the company contracted to build 50 low-cost houses in Omuthiya for the National Housing Enterprise (NHE,) have stalled work on the project for nearly three weeks. According to the NHE manager for communication and marketing, Eric Libongani, who is not so impressed with the progress made so far, some issues were experienced between the financer and the contractor, which resulted in the work stoppage. “The company informed us that they are resolving the issue and soon they will commence work. So far eight houses are at roof top level, two under window, 15 above foundation, while seven are at concrete level and 18 have been excavated and compacted,” said Libongani. He made the remarks yesterday during a site inspection of houses in Omuthiya. “This is a six-month project, but if there are challenges it should not go beyond February 2019. We are only displeased with the three weeks because, in construction, missing even a day is a big challenge. However, there are measures to be put in place as per the contractual agreement if they do not finish on time,” warned Libongani.   On a positive note, Libongani said the Omuthiya project is the cheapest for prospective homeowners compared to others instituted in other towns. The starting price is set at N$359,000 for a two-bedroom core house and the highest is N$483,000 for a house at the top rung. “Our aim is to provide affordable housing to the low and medium-income earners, because those are the most affected and needy, although we can build houses for upper income earners. I am glad that in Omuthiya we have achieved our goal to make housing affordable,” he said. “By conventional and core houses we mean some houses are built with double and single boundary brick. This means variation in housing prices. I would also like to state that some of the banks, which initially could not finance single brick houses, are now coming on board. However, in an event when the bank declines, we as NHE will be able to finance the house for the client through our loan book,” further explained Libongani. The houses will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. In Omuthiya, 1,418 people are on the waiting list for houses.
New Era Reporter
2018-06-06 09:20:57 1 years ago

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