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The 80s Vocals tell their acapella story

2022-01-24  Staff Reporter

The 80s Vocals tell their acapella story
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Emilie Shimbali

If you are looking for great acapella music, ‘The 80s Vocals’ straight-to-the-heart voices might be just what you need to make you smile.

The 80s Vocals is a Windhoek-based acapella group of four, who believe there is no harm in doing things differently, saying “authenticity is key in music”.

Before coming to the city, the band emerged in the northern parts of the country in 2017, performing at various events, and their bond as a group is growing stronger.

“It all started at weddings, where our group provided the best entertainment, and people started liking our performance and calling us for more performances,” said band member Tuhafeni Kaimbi.

The other band members are Mutilifa Talvi Bwila, Hamundjembo ‘DR40’ Julius and Shipaxu Setson Kanamayee.

Camarada, which is Kaimbi’s stage name, told VIBEZ! they encountered various challenges but nothing discouraged them from putting in more effort into their singing, because their vision is to make a name for themselves and perform at bigger events across Namibia. 

“We didn’t face many obstacles, but when we started singing, many people who knew our backgrounds started calling us names, because they didn’t understand what we were trying to come up with. It wasn’t easy to find sponsors, and it wasn’t easy to stand in a studio for the first time. It was a long and difficult journey to get to where we are today,” he said.

They released their first album and most creative project with 17 tracks, titled ‘Ondjuulufi’, last year. 

It is available on iTunes and was sponsored by various companies, including prominent law firms Sisa Namandje & Co and Kadhila Amoomo Legal Practitioners.

Unlike other music genres, acapella music is performed without beats.

Kaimbi said they are looking forward to working with anyone who needs exceptional performances at their events. 

The group is set to drop their second album next month.


2022-01-24  Staff Reporter

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