• June 6th, 2020

The Battle between ST and Agogo…. How did it all begin? #AgogoChallenge

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- Two men (referred to as ST and Agogo), who claim to have a lot of money, have been entertaining Namibians over the past few days. But how did this mini entertaining beef come about? Dionicious Alweendo, now popularly known as Agogo. 

There was a story, covered by New Era late last year, about the beef between Arandis and people from Walvis Bay. The violence that ensued was between the Agogo faction  from Arandis and the rest from Walvis Bay. Entertainment Now! got hold of Agogo’s manager, David Dela-D, who eagerly told us how it all started. “For Agogo to be out there, it all started with a drama about the boys from Arandis and Walvis Bay,” he said.  Dela-D said the issue was Walvis Bay or Bainaars, as they are called, thinking they are classy and dress well. “Then Agogo just came and said it’s fine they can dressed well, we have the money,” stated Dela-D.Agogo has become some sort of an entertainer, as he was recently invited to King Tee Dee’s activation show where he showed off his slick skills set. 

That story subsided until recently when Salomon Tangeni Kamukwatange (ST) randomly invited Agogo to his birthday party.  Speaking exclusively to Entertainment Now! ST said people are blowing and taking this way too serious. “My friend DK recorded a video of me inviting Agogo to my birthday party and somehow it fell into the wrong hands when it was only meant for Agogo,” said ST. 

He referred to a video that went viral on all social platforms recently. ST said it was all jokes and that everything spiralled out of control when the clip ended up in groups and people started editing it. What makes ST furious is people are fabricating lies. 

“It was all a joke, just fooling around, there was no ill intent,” ST explained.  On how he knew Agogo, ST said they met when they had to do some work together. The managing director of Exclusive Printing Shop is a member of the Amarok Club and confirmed his birthday party is still going on. “Agogo is still my special guest at my birthday, which will be held at the dunes by some of the  Club members on the weekend of September 7, 2019, just before we head out to the NAMAs event at the Dome, ” he said. 

ST further requested people to carefully analyse the clips. “No one is there to demean the other or degrade in any way. There is nothing offensive in my video clips and he is not offending me in any of his clips. So, why are the insults from the public still perpetuating? Anyways this is something between him and me,” he said. Since the clips of the two have gone viral on social media during the week, some also took it to social media to load a stash of money while in the bank, some are chewing dollar notes at kapana and others in the gym. But it is all fun and games. Let us laugh a little.

New Era Reporter
2019-08-09 08:21:14 | 9 months ago

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