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The choice of reality

2021-03-05  Staff Reporter

The choice of reality
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There is no doubt that by now and in the 21st century would there be anyone who would ever imagine that there is such a thing as reality. Not that reality does not exist, but the matter of fact is that there is no one definite and descriptive reality to which one must subscribe to. This is, of course, besides the predetermined reality of the modern world in which systems have been

constructed to put society into a superficial reality. A reality that has many facets meant to affirm and confirm it as the one and only and firmly tends to rule out the existence of other alternative or possible realities.

What is quite strange but true though is that one does have a choice to create their own reality while they still operate in the superficial and predetermined reality. The difference is that in this

case one knowingly decides to play a fictional role for survival reasons and co-existence. This is because if one were to denounce the constructed reality of conformity altogether, it may eventually

become almost impossible to live alternatively.

The emphasis here is not, however, on the fictional reality or its exposition but rather on the fact that, in any case, one has the power to create their own reality. This reality can be personal, shared, or group-based. The power of creating this reality is born out of no other aspect than beliefs.

In other words, beliefs are the foundations upon which an individual reality is built. Automatically, this translates into the fact that one can simply change their reality by changing, realigning, or scrapping their beliefs either partly or altogether. There is no doubt that once one’s belief system changes, their life experiences also follow suit.

Naturally, the tendency is that, upon scrapping old beliefs, one will adopt new ones. This does not necessarily have to be the case though. Because it makes no difference jumping from one belief to another just for the sake of changing one’s reality. The problem is that, in this transition, one simply moves from one ideology to another. There is still no ownership of that reality as it is still handed over to them. The basis of creating one’s reality should be that it is born out of the investigation of their own and first-hand life experiences. It should be born out of the essence of one’s authenticity.

Of course, arriving at the point of changing one’s belief is one of the rarest things. It is also very rare to find someone who would voluntarily give up their old beliefs. Why? Because first, current beliefs and ideologies, by design, are made to instil fear. This fear is based on the notion that deviation from the fact is an abomination, shameful and punishable. Regardless, there come times when change and transformation or riddance of one’s beliefs becomes inevitable.

It may happen upon the realization that the current belief system is just not working and not in alignment with one’s dreams and aspirations. It may also occur as an awakening especially after a significant emotional event. These significant emotional events could be a loss of a loved one, job or even loss of meaning and purpose. These events would then push one to the point of existential enquiry. A point where one’s curiosity and inquisitiveness are heightened. That is where a new dawn emerges. Where one’s reality is created out of perpetual unfolding life experiences, from one realization to another. A life lived with a natural to choose one’s preferred reality that is fair and just and lives up to high elements of co-existence and inclusion for a beautiful life experience of all humankind.

By Karlos TheGreat


Uncommon Sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka.

2021-03-05  Staff Reporter

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