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Uncommon sense - The emperor no longer wears clothes

2022-11-18  Karlos Naimwhaka

Uncommon sense - The emperor no longer wears clothes

In all of human history, this is probably the most interesting time of it all. Of all prophecies and predictions made, this is probably the time anyone would have imagined would forever be in the distant future.

Of what has been only speculations, most have probably happened faster than anyone could have imagined. In the aftermath of it all, anyone who would still think the world is as it has ever been must have been living under a rock.

At face value, it seems as if all is as we have known, but under the surface is a completely different world in the works. This can simply be seen from the abrupt change in some of the most fundamental aspects of life.  Be it from the normalisation of the loss of some of the basic freedoms, and crucifixion of those who dared to uphold them. 

The world has reached a point where diversity is compartmentalised and narrowed down to only further selected ideologies, while neglecting the diversity of fundamental pillars of human existence.  As a result, true diversity has become only a wish, and the world is heading into a unidimensional and dark path on a one-way ticket.

The world currently stands at the point where standards have been lowered for what have been some of the most revered positions and professions.  Yet, the stakes seem to have been set too high for the fundamentals.  At this point, it is not good enough to be dignified for just being human. One must first have reached some levels of class, identify with a certain group of thought, or amassed a few possessions, or else face relegation to the sub-human class of society. Confusion has even been normalised to such a level that those who seek tolerance do not practise it, and those who seek acceptance or respect have no room for acceptance or respect for others.  

There probably has been no other time in the world when humankind has been more divided than now.  This is to the point where even siblings may not see eye to eye simply because of differences in political opinion, ideology or even economic status.  The notion is that the mere difference of this kind is intolerable.  Although there is more at play, the unsuspecting ones become pawns and involuntary agents of the emperor’s wish. This is just as good as black and red ants that peacefully co-exist in a jar until someone shakes it and, immediately, it all turns into a blood bath. 

How the world got to this level should be a no-brainer, but that is clearly not the case.  Years and years of subliminal conditioning and indoctrination have shaped the masses into this human misfortune, if not a tragedy.  The pretext of serving humanity through a proxy of solving man-made problems saw society forfeiting even its mental faculties to the invisible forces’ might. This gradually morphed into an immense sense of superiority in the sea of ignorance. That is why the emperor is even convinced that he no longer must wear clothes. For all nations have unknowingly made his bed, and he can now comfortably and peacefully lay in it with no bother.



Uncommon Sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimhwaka.

2022-11-18  Karlos Naimwhaka

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