• January 21st, 2020

The Gardner Private School commemorates African Nations Day

Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK – To celebrate the diversity of Africa, children from Gardner Private School together with their teachers commemorated African Nations Day last week.

The fun-filled day had each class represent a country and its cultures while children wore the traditional attire of their respective countries and also learnt the basic words of the languages spoken in those countries.

What was most fascinating about the event was the research the children did about the countries such as the presidents, traditional cuisines, cultural dances, languages spoken and many more.

Mercy Tjiueza, class teacher, told Youth Corner:  “It is important for children to know about their African heritage and African unity as a continent. We want children to grow up knowing that despite our nationalities, African people are one.”

The event was also celebrated together with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) exhibition which provides children with subject goals, personal learning goals, and uniquely, international learning goals. 

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2019-10-30 07:54:01 | 2 months ago

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