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Uncommon sense - The gift of surrender

2021-09-03  Karlos Naimwhaka

Uncommon sense - The gift of surrender

In his conditioning, man was made to believe that he can do anything. All he must do is put in the work and whatever it is that he wishes for, he will achieve. However, as much as this can be true, there is no guarantee that all man’s wishes shall come to pass.

Unless man is in denial of history, he must finally admit that even if a hundred men were to go by the same method, their outcomes shall never be equally the same. This is because there are just so many factors and dynamics that will determine the nature and degree of such outcomes. As much as the dynamics and factors may vary for everyone, most that are ultimate determinants of the outcome are in the unseen.

It’s amazing that there are times when man receives and gains way more than he hoped for.

Yet, he would gladly stand in front of the other with pride as if it was all in his might. This he does even when he knows it was a mysterious experience. The least he could do is surrender and tell a tale of wonder others could learn from. To give up all the anxiety that comes with the illusion of control, man has devised piles of laws in the name of order for the benefit of society. Yet, he blindly and ignorantly disobeys the laws of nature. Man can see and has all the evidence that whatever goes up must eventually come down, literally and figuratively. Yet, he only chooses to focus on and emphasise the former. All this he does and trades for grandiose self-importance and glorification.

As if that is not enough, instead of him recognising the significance of the collective, he seeks to become the head of the herd. This he would do even at the expense of another.

This he does without realising that this is nothing but a set-up of prolonging the wrath of self-destruction.

For man to not only prosper temporarily but eternally experience a blissful life, he must first realise he must wish the same for another. To comfortably live in abundance, he must make sure that is not only for the self, but the collective. This he must do and look towards further and beyond himself. For this is the blueprint for the deepest wishes of his heart which for centuries has been only a dream. A dream it shall remain only if man obeys not only this law of nature, but many others. That these laws, before his own, become the sole cornerstone of his existence. For it is only meant by which he can get to experience the fullness of life and its profound experience truly and fully.



Uncommon Sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka

2021-09-03  Karlos Naimwhaka

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