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The Namibian House: Reality TV show coming soon

2019-09-06  Staff Report 2

The Namibian House: Reality TV show coming soon

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - There is a new concept brewing on social media about The Namibian House show which sparked debates on whether it is legit/authentic or just a stunt to get people talking. Farai Mamina, the Concept and Marketing Director of the show confirmed to Entertainment Now! that all is real.

“There is a need to provide reverting local television entertainment from 2020 and what we can say for now is the show has an original hook that makes everything different with the high drama unfolding unexpectedly,” said Mamina. 

He stated the main aim of the reality show is to provide exciting 24/7 high-quality entertainment while promoting unity, cultural diversity, arts, education, tourism, commercial products and services. 

He said the show will consist of two series of The Namibian House per year (Season 1 & Season 2) meaning six months of scintillating live television entertainment. “The show will be broadcast 24 hours live,” stated Mamina. He said a paradigm shift to local television viewership by raising the bar of reality television through a very interesting but high-quality TV show is what the organisers want to achieve from hosting the show.
He mentioned that for the house to proceed as planned, they need 24 housemates, with at least two representatives for each region. “Inclusion is important and this is also because of the rich cultural component to the script,” added Mamina. 

He further informed Entertainment Now! the show will be screened in Namibia, Windhoek at a yet to be identified house.

The original concept was developed by Mamina who is working with a group of other talented content developers. Calls for more reality television scriptwriters will be made over the coming weeks. They are looking for Namibians between the ages of 20 to 34 to enter.

There were doubts and questions of why participants are expected to pay entry fees which surfaced on social media to which Mamina said all that will be needed to cover certain costs. “There are heavy costs associated with auditions of such a show hence the entry fee. These costs include the costs of hiring the venue, judges, production crew, more cameras, huge banners, catering for prospective housemates etc,” detailed Mamina.
Auditions will take place for two weeks from October 4th, 2019, which will be split into groups and different dates.

2019-09-06  Staff Report 2

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