• April 25th, 2019
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Powerful Phrases Words are powerful; what you speak and listen to has the ability to transform your life. Therefore, it’s important to verbalise phrases that will bring goodness and positive affirmations to yourself and those whom you communicate with. The following phrases are some of the most significant things we all need to hear and say. I love you These three words are probably the most precious things you can say to someone that you love. Saying “I love you” sounds like music to the ears of your loved ones. You should always say these words honestly and with affectionate sincerity. In addition, you must back them with actions, so go ahead and express your love. I’m sorry An apology has the ability to restore peace and reconcile the worst of enemies. Saying “I’m sorry” is not easy to do, especially when pride and embarrassment get in the way. Nonetheless, it’s worse to carry a heavy heart filled with guilt than to apologise for your wrongdoings. Thank you Taking things for granted is very common, especially with the busy lifestyles we lead. Once in a while, dedicate some time to appreciate your blessings and those who are good to you. Voicing and showing your gratitude should not only be meant for big favours, make it a habit to say “thank you” for every generous deed. Don’t give up Sometimes, we become so consumed with our own problems that we fail to see what others around us are going through. Some people don’t always voice their troubles, but you might notice it when they are feeling down. Whenever you have the chance, tell them “don’t give up”, because these words might just be the motivation they need to keep going. I understand When we endure hardships or difficult moments in life and emerge strongly from our bad experiences, we are better able to sympathise with others. Those who made it against the odds inspire people, and hence your story can be encouraging to those in similar circumstances. Consequently, when you say “I understand”, those words will definitely sound reassuring. Congratulations Everybody needs support and acknowledgement from their loved ones when something wonderful happens to them. Staying silent during celebratory occasions is equivalent to negativity; be sure to say “congratulations” in those special moments. Some people get inflated egos when they reach a certain level of success and they fail to recognise the potential of those who are still coming up. When you celebrate another person’s victory, it only makes you a better person. – www.beautyndapanda.com
New Era Reporter
2017-11-03 10:47:02 1 years ago

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