• April 18th, 2019
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Beauty Ndapanda Here are eighteen lifestyle tips that you can include in your New Year resolutions. Drink plenty of clean water every day for more energy and a healthier metabolism. Read interesting books and novels. There’s a lot of knowledge to be gained from reading, it’s also a great way to escape into your imagination. Create playlists of your favourite songs. Listening to music has a therapeutic way of improving your mood, depending on the type of beat and lyrics. Discipline yourself to stop procrastinating. Write down your goals and reward yourself with a treat when you successfully complete each task. Find something each day that will make you laugh or at least smile. Laughing reduces stress and improves your attitude and outlook on life. Budget wisely and save money. Take care of your “needs” first and then your “wants”, according to what you can afford. Avoid getting into debt or focus on reducing it. Memorise names when you are introduced to important contacts. Individuals associate positively with those who remember them. Don’t take everything personally, listen to advice that applies to you or agree to disagree. Focus on inspirational conversations instead of negativity. Get a hobby and explore your interests. Do something that you enjoy, just for fun or transform your talent into a business venture. Use the internet to explore innovative ideas. The World Wide Web provides you with unlimited access to a variety of information, so take advantage of it. Strive to always be punctual and presentable. Showing up on time is a great quality to have in your professional and personal life. Be a responsible road user. Always wear a seatbelt and adhere to all the traffic rules. Discover your ideal style and flaunt it. There’s something appealing about people who have a unique way of dressing. Always wear sunscreen before basking in the sunshine. Cleanse off your make-up before going to bed and keep your skin hydrated by using a suitable moisturiser. Add fruit and vegetables to your meals because they have vitamins and minerals that are vital for a balanced diet. Incorporate exercise into your regular daily activities such as walking to the grocery shop, taking the stairs or playing with your kids. Prioritise and schedule what you should do during the daytime so that you have more time to have a good night’s sleep. Be your own cheerleader and motivator by minding your inner dialogue. Learn to love yourself for who you are, inside and outside.
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2018-01-12 11:33:38 1 years ago

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