• July 18th, 2019
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The other lifestyle: Autumn fashion


Beauty Ndapanda Fall is synonymous with breezy weather and colourful leaves scattering on the ground. As the season transforms from summer to autumn, it’s time to update your wardrobe accordingly. Women’s Wardrobe Leggings are awesome during this season because they are comfortable, versatile and suitable for mild temperatures. When it comes to footwear trends, open-toe boots are the way to go, they are stylish and allow your feet to receive some air during warm days, unlike regular closed boots. Autumn mornings and nights can be a little chilly, so get a few light-fabric scarves in a variety of colours to go with any outfit. If you are going to be attending formal events, a trench coat is the perfect choice to wear over your evening gown or designer dress. For corporate attire, a well-tailored blazer is a classic staple at the workplace, wear it with an African-print blouse and pencil skirt or pants. The good thing about a blazer is that you can also combine it with jeans and a simple shirt for a casual look. Get a comfy, soft sweater for those cooler days, go for cashmere and wool fabrics. Men’s Wardrobe Denim shirts are always in style and now is the time to get one with a weightier material, team it with dark chinos or khakis. Another item that you should own is the flannel shirt, wear it with your favourite printed tee or button it up to appear more polished. To keep your feet warm and fashionable, get suede trainers to give you a sporty look. When you need some extra layers to keep you cosy, a waxed jacket looks absolutely dapper with a collared shirt and jeans. For the edgy gentleman, you can’t go wrong with a quality leather jacket, remember to match the colour of your belt with your shoes for a sophisticated touch. Keep a jersey or cardigan in your car’s trunk to be on stand-by for night-time outings or when you are working late at the office. www.beautyndapanda.com Sources: www.cosmopolitan.com, www.thredup.com, www.theidleman.com
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