• July 19th, 2019
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The other lifestyle: Beginner bloggers


Beauty Ndapanda Blogs are creative, online platforms for people who want to share their ideas, business or personal experience on the internet. Anyone who wants to promote their artistic talent such as photography, make-up, fashion, music, recipes, writing or artwork can become a blogger. Here are my top tips for beginner bloggers to help you get started. Do some research before you create a blog, make sure that you select a unique name that doesn’t already exist online. Find out what blog category will suite you best, for example, lifestyle or entertainment. Also, take lots of quality photos or get copyright-free images. Blogspot and Wordpress are two of the most popular blog hosting sites. Blogspot is accessed via Blogger.com and it’s best for beginners due to its simple-classic interface, it’s also ideal for writers and minimalist blogs. Wordpress is favoured by commercial bloggers due to its modern templates and plug-ins, but it requires basic knowledge of html coding. If you have excellent skills at writing articles with topics that people are generally interested in when searching on the internet, you will receive organic traffic to your blog. Although, to maximise your audience, you need to let people know about your blog posts by sharing the links on your social media or email subscriptions. The fascinating part about this process is monitoring your readership and seeing views to your blog coming from various countries. Experiment with different logos, templates, branding and content for your blog. It’s your platform and you are the boss, so in the early stages of your blogging venture, you should try out several blog styles. However, when you start building up a following, try to keep your theme consistent so that your loyal viewers know what to expect from your blog. When you publish your first blog post, you are officially a “blogger”, create a schedule and keep posting more content. Once you are ready to invest in obtaining your own website, you can do so by registering with a domain provider that is suitable to your budget. Most importantly, enjoy your blogging journey and make your unique mark on the internet. www.beautyndapanda.com
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2018-03-09 11:22:46 1 years ago

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