• July 9th, 2020

The Revelation of King Tee Dee harmonises local artists … as Biblos and Sjava leave supporters hanging.

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK – The University of Namibia stadium was filled with concert-goers on Saturday evening as they came to witness entertainment by the best in the industry. The event also saw many artists performing together on stage, something hardly seen in the entertainment industry.

It was a harmonising experience that showed King Tee Dee once again performing with Gazza, Sunny Boy and Tre van Die Kasie with the song titled ‘I Wanna Know’. Other acts of the evening were Kaboy Kamakili, Killa B, Top Cheri, Tate Buti, Lioness, DJ Alba, Skrypt and KP Illest.

It shows that maturing can take one far if everyone works together, peacefully. Outstanding and commendable performances were from a group called The Elementz who stunned the crowd with amazing and electrifying dance moves. Artists like AmaDazfloor and Sunny Boy used the platform to vent about the rived gender-based violence within the Namibian community. In the middle of his performance, Hikwa sensation Sunny Boy urged Namibian men to stop being violent towards women. “They kept us for nine months, fed and clothed us and then you grow up and hit a woman? Enough is enough, we need to do something about that,” he said.

It was disappointing to note that artists such as Biblos and Sjava from South Africa who were scheduled to perform did a fast one and never turned up, not even at the event although Biblos was spotted via social media in the Namibian dunes. Despite the glitches which included a one-hour delay due to generator malfunctioning and the extra Stallings between acts, MCs Agogo and Helvi kept the crowd entertained with supporting act by DJ Ambizzy.

We have to be sincere, it might not have been easy for a company such as Poiyah Media to organise this but there are certain things Namibian event organisers always repeat and it has to do with time. The event was scheduled to start at 17h30 but only commenced slightly after 20h00.

Trying to get comments from the organisers on certain queries such as how many people attended the concert and the possible reason why Biblos and Sjava never showed proved futile.
The event ended Sunday morning at about 02h15.

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2019-09-30 07:41:09 | 9 months ago

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