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The rise of teen singing sensation Jozi

2021-06-18  Aletta Shikololo

The rise of teen singing sensation Jozi
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One thing Gen-Z is known for is undeniably maximising their use of social media in ways that have proven to be lucrative, and local emerging musician Jozi is no exception.

Born Jozikee Haihambo, the Windhoek-based pop artist is delivering profound and uplifting lyrical content to her peers by way of her newly released song ‘Na na na na’.

In a brief chat with VIBEZ!, the 12-year-old singer talks about following in her father’s footsteps and being a proud product of the Olive Entertainment Academy that introduced her to the music scene.

“I started singing when I was really young. I think I was four years old. I liked singing around the house and all that, all thanks to my father, who inspired me to become a singer, just like him. He used to sing in the church choir,” explained Jozi.

‘Na na na na’ is the singer’s first single since joining the music industry this year. The track has a unique, up-tempo pop sound with a distinctive urban influence.


“The song is about a girl with bigger dreams, a girl who is just trying to find out what to do with her life, and she is also lucky to have supportive people around her.” 

Jozi said her sound of music is also inspired by local renowned singers Chikune and Taylor Jaye, who happen to be her aunts.

Since registering with the Olive Entertainment Academy, Jozi has learned more about the mainstream music industry, and how to balance her life as a learner and musician.

“It is good to work with the academy because we respect each other’s perspectives, and we are very patient with each other. It is also interesting to learn other things besides the regular life,” said the

outspoken Grade 7 learner.

After completing school, Jozi wants to become a veterinarian.

“I really love animals. I might also become a scientist because I am into physics, but I will consider music as a part-time job,” she observed.

The founder of the academy, Julia Kadhikwa, describes Jozi as a goal-oriented person.

“She is a very intelligent child, and as much as she listens to what she is taught, she is also very much aware of herself and what she wants to achieve. We are proud to have her in the academy,” she added.

Olive Entertainment Academy educates aspiring music artists/dancers and creatives about the art sector, and how they can capitalise on their talents. It is looking for talented individuals who want to make a difference in their lives through various fields in the media, entertainment and business industries.

“We are especially looking for young talents like Jozi. Through the subsidies offered by a certain government institution, we will be offering free classes to 30 ambitious students across the country who want to grow in this competitive creative industry,” said Kadhikwa.

More information about Olive Entertainment Academy can be found on their social media platforms.


2021-06-18  Aletta Shikololo

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