• August 4th, 2020

The significance of selfies through art

 Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK –Forty-three-year-old photographer and visual artist, Lukas Amakali, expresses the importance of selfies through his latest exhibition, which is part of his ‘Double Exposure Photography’ collection.
The exhibition, which was launched at the National Art Gallery on 22 October and ends on 9 November, was inspired by today’s digital age and the influence of social media, as Amakali views selfies as a representation of himself and his identity.

According to Amakali, he uses selfies as the simplest way of interaction on social media and tells stories through his photography. 

Amakali started taking double-exposure selfies with his Nikon Digital Camera D700, which has a special menu where one can make multiple exposures of two to three photos. 
Double exposure is a photography technique, which allows one to take two or more photos on top of each other.

 I started to take double-exposure selfies of myself with different backgrounds, objects, trees, animals plus other people,” he says.

Talking to Entertainment Now! Amakali, who just launched his 11th exhibition, said the first impression always lasts and a selfie is the first impression that lasts when someone is gone.

“You don’t want your last selfie to represent you badly, but to make a lasting impression that people are going to talk about even when you are gone,” he further explained on how significant selfies means to him.
He defines selfies as the only thing that creates a lasting identity of oneself.

He added, “I believe people especially young people are currently obsessed with selfies because it represents them well and boosts their confidence on social platforms.” 

History has it that the first selfie was taken in 1839 on a daguerreotype camera by a man in Philadelphia named Robert Cornelius, who was an amateur chemist and photography enthusiast and it is on this history that Amakali draws his inspiration and understands selfies better. 
Amakali says that every time he takes a selfie, he tries to get the best angle for his selfies as it reflects his authenticity. 

The selfie is both worshipped and reviled, yet it flourishes as one of the most effective outlets for self-definition.

Amakali who is currently working on his photo studio at his home in Katutura encourages the lovers of his creations to watch out for his exhibition and explore the beauty of art. 

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