• August 11th, 2020

The value of travel consultations

We have talked about budgets, accommodation and I have even let you in on a few budget travel hacks I use for my domestic trips. 
I have catered to the people who love to plan their travels quite a bit so this time, I will be focusing on a different dynamic, yes? Good.
An interesting thing happens every time I release a blog post (ndapanda.co). No matter what lodge or location I blog about, my Instagram direct messages (DM) become flooded with questions.
“Hi, where is this?”
“What is the cost of this lodge per person per night?”
“How far is this place from Windhoek?”
“Can I get there comfortably with a Sedan?”
...and this after having had mentioned the name of, linked the lodge website and even tagged the location in the said blog post.
People always want to know more. 
More about the place, the activities, the weather, the service. How was the food? What was the cost? Anything to help make their experience at the same place more pleasant.The questions do not stop.
Many may make it look easy, but planning a trip can be very stressful. 
There are countless internet searches, a number of phone calls, finding fitting accommodations, renting the right type of car from the best car rental at the best prices, finding out what is, and packing the relevant equipment. 
It can be quite the admin, and honestly, a skill on its own.
Many who want to and enjoy travel do not always have the luxury of time.
Some do not have the skill and others simply would not know where they would begin to plan a trip.
Travel consultants exist to fill this gap for you.
They make your life easier by handling all the trip administration. They handle hotel bookings, trip itinerary, and if they are really good, they will even offer tips and tricks to make your trip all that much more relaxed. 
If you are headed to the desert, they should know the conditions of the road. If you are headed somewhere tropical, what shot do you need? Surely insect repellent must be carried? They should have all the intel. That is their value.
The only things required of you would be payment, and most importantly, showing up in style.
Remember to find me here, should you need any assistance.
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