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There is no perfect moment

2022-07-06  Staff Reporter

There is no perfect moment
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Serron Nghoshi

It is very clear that life does not always give us what we want but when you look at it from a different angle, you will see that you only get back in life the person that you are. If you are a go-getter, a go-to-person, if you are a person who really grinds their way into life, then that is what you will get back in life.

But many people are not really reaping from life what rightfully belongs to them, because they are idle. Many are out there waiting for the perfect moment to do something without knowing or forgetting that the longer you keep waiting for that right moment, the longer you drift away from your destiny and the longer you prolong your breakthrough. 

What you need to do is revisit your past when you so badly wanted to be successful. 

Maybe then will you realise that there is no perfect moment, because every day is a perfect day, every day is a day to give your all; give it your best.

Stop setting dates for things that can be done immediately. 

You are where you are because of shifting dates. Postponing things does not get them done perfectly; they only get in the way of something greater. 

It’s time to start producing results, it’s time to make things happen. 

Understand that a breakthrough can come at any time. But in order for that to happen, you need to start showing up where you are supposed to show up. Start grinding, start developing yourself. 

Any moment is the right moment to change your life. 

Get up, get out and get something! Move out of your comfort zone, get used to being comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to get things done. 

Every day and every hour, remember that you matter. 

It’s all about you and your dream. 

I want you to realise your dream and when you do that, be all in and commit to setting deadlines. 

Understand that the perfect moment will never come your way. 

What will be coming your way are the thoughts, regrets, stress and depression if you don’t work on yourself right now and deliver. 

There should be a constant input for a certain output. 

That’s the law of physics. So, how much will you put in on yourself?

Stop focusing on what other people say or do; that is always going to be there. 

For example, when you do not give, they are always going to call you stingy or other names but when you do give, then they start asking where and how you got what you have. 

So, focus on you because you will never ever satisfy people. 

Remember, get up, get out and get something! There is no perfect moment, every moment is the right moment to do something that will bring you closer to your dream and become successful. 

It starts with a single step. 



* Serron Nghoshi is the founder and MD of Nghoshi P.S Investment CC.

2022-07-06  Staff Reporter

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