• October 1st, 2020

Three accused of identity theft

ONGWEDIVA - Three women were denied bail in the Oshakati Magistrate’s Court on Monday after the alleged scammers reportedly managed to steal the identity of a woman and attempted to apply for a loan of more than N$170 000 from a cash loan business. 
The three were arrested on Friday and were remanded in custody until 28 October 2020 for further investigations.
The suspects Petrina Shikongo (33), Justina Heita (29) and Fenny Kambalala (35) faces charges of fraud, forgery and uttering as well as theft.
Shikongo also faces additional charges of driving an un-roadworthy vehicle, failing to display a licence disk as well as driving without a driver’s licence.

Shikongo was the driver of the vehicle, a black polo that the three suspects used whilst committing the crime.
It is alleged that Heita allegedly stole her cousin’s payslip, voter’s card and identity document which the trio used to open an account at Bank Windhoek and later at FNB where the cash loan would deposit the loan money.
Heita was left home by her cousin when she committed the alleged crime. 

The victim’s identity which was used to apply for the loan, an employee of the ministry of education allegedly qualified for N$170 000.
After successfully opening an account at Bank Windhoek, the cash loan could not effect the payment, as the account was relatively new.
The cash loan allegedly became suspicious and alerted the police.
In the process, the trio then attempted to open a second account at FNB Namibia, however, that too failed as the police was already alerted.
The victim was allegedly traced and was not aware of taking out any loan.
The trio were immediately arrested. nashipala@nepc.com.na 

Staff Reporter
2020-08-19 09:37:44 | 1 months ago

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