• April 23rd, 2019
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Three women add to gender-based violence statistics

Front Page News
Front Page News

Selma Ikela and Loide Jason Windhoek Three women became the latest statistics in gender-based violence last week. One man attacked a friend of his girlfriend with a machete, slashing her hands and thighs, before he proceeded to knock down his girlfriend leaving her unconscious. The third woman was raped and then had her throat sliced by a male friend, who had invited her for a few drinks. Both men were yet to be arrested, as of yesterday. According to Khomas police regional crime investigation coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Abner Agas, Shalinde Uiras ,30, was invited by the male friend to go for drinks and on their way back home, the friend demanded to have sexual intercourse with her. Agas stated the male friend then raped Uiras and slit her throat with a knife. Uiras is now fighting for her life in Windhoek Central hospital. A passer-by found Uiaras lying unconscious in a pool of blood last week Sunday morning. Uiras is currently unable to speak and cannot share details of the suspect. Although, her relatives and neighbours know the suspect by only seeing him around they do not know his name. Agas requested public assistance that could lead to the suspect’s arrest. Police is looking for a Windhoek man who hacked his girlfriend’s female friend and colleague with a machete on Tuesday evening in Katutura. The woman, 39, who requested anonymity, sustained a bruise on her lower back, inner thigh, got stitches on her two left finger and twisted her angle from the attack. The incident happened at 23h00 in Gemeente location when the victim dropped off her colleague and the suspect unexpectedly attacked and pursued her with a panga. The two women were socialising at the victim’s house after they knocked off early on Tuesday and the man kept texting and calling the woman to return his girlfriend home. “When I got to my colleague’s house, I got out of the car to open the door for her and he came attacking me with a panga. He didn’t greet me nor did we exchange words. I blocked the panga with my hand or else he could have cut my face. I ran to the other side of the car and got into the passenger’s seat trying to escape but he pursued me. He hit me with a panga on my lower back,” narrated the victim while showing the reporters her bloodied car. While in the house, the suspect allegedly knocked his girlfriend unconscious with the back of the machete. The girlfriend also opened a case of assault against him on Wednesday. New Era learnt that the girlfriend has several restraining orders against the abusive boyfriend. The victim is also not pleased with how the police dealt with her case, as the police refused to drive to the suspect’s house when the victim initially came to report the matter at the station. The victim stated that the police was very ‘soft and lenient’ when they called the suspect to return to his house, as there was an issue, which needed to be discussed. The man told the police that he could not come, as he was a bit busy. However, after the victim opened a case, the suspect texted her apologising and offering N$5,000 to withdraw the police case. Katutura police station commander, Chief Inspector Philemon Tjitekulu said they got a photo of the suspect and they are pursuing him. Tjitekulu said they are also circulating the suspect’s photo on their WhatsApp groups.
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2018-03-26 08:44:20 1 years ago

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