• August 20th, 2019
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A time to change, heralding the new

AFTER trudging on for almost six years in the teaching profession, I was convinced that I had found a lifetime passion, a passion I would never part with. Teaching became a mother, a father but most importantly a loving home. But I had come to understand that people meet to part and part to meet. I too was destined to part with my passion. It was not an easy decision to make, I felt like a child leaving the parents’ home for the first time, but I had to endure my pain and walk away boldly. I realised It was time to embrace my inner child passion – "exposing and educating the Namibian nation at large.” Although it was not an easy decision to make one thing is assured, the good memories I shared with each Namibian child whose life I had a chance to influence.  I will forever cherish the ungrammatical phrases that usually made me look forward to each day with so much joy.  Phrases such as: “I was not wanted”,  “I was had gone”, and the likes. Best of all the phrases will always be: “Don’t kill, just shot him on leg, where he unable to ran away.” After three years, it is indeed still a classic. There is no perfect home – the teaching fraternity was not all glory either and seriously I will not miss waking up at 5 am nor writing daily lesson plans and the dust from the chalk that cost me a lot of medical consultation (chuckle).

Here, despite the tight deadlines and the daily running around like a headless chicken, New Era Publication Corporation has been great so far and I am enjoying my new home with new parents and siblings.  At some point I did think I would have by now dusted off my writing skills with the daily chalk dust at school, but I have just realised that I have not drowned my writing skill in teaching and for that I will always be grateful. So far I am enjoying having to beg for information like a homeless dog and the harassment I encounter every now and then, but all is good.  Until the next harassment, Eewa.

By Nuusita Ashipala

New Era Reporter
2013-10-18 14:05:05 5 years ago

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