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Tjiriange yet to receive Amupanda charges

2014-12-05  Mathias Haufiku

Tjiriange yet to receive Amupanda charges
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WINDHOEK - Swapo Party disciplinary committee chairperson Dr Ngarikutuke Tjiriange said he is as yet to receive the charges against youth league Job Amupanda, Dimbulukeni Nauyoma and George Kambala that caused their suspension by the party. Until then, the veteran Swapo leader said he could not decide as to how the trio should be disciplined. The three forcefully cleared land in one of Windhoek’s affluent suburbs last month without municipal authorisation, in a bid to demonstrate against perceived unfair allocation of land in Windhoek. “All I got from the party is a letter informing me that the three have been suspended,” Tjiriange told New Era yesterday. “It does not say when or why they were suspended. The letter also does not say whether I must summon the three to appear before the committee or not,” said Tjiriange. Tjiriange yesterday said he could not comment much on the matter because his committee was not privy to all the details surrounding the suspension and he could therefore, not take action based on a ‘vague letter’. He also said he did not know how the party’s top-four leaders came to the decision of suspending the trio. “There are structures in the party that deal with various issues, therefore those who took the decision must take it to the appropriate bodies in the party,” Tjiriange, a former minister of justice, said. “We must remember that suspension does not mean expulsion, perhaps they will be reprimanded. This has to be decided at the politburo or central committee level.” Tjiriange however maintained that his committee was ready to do its work should the need arise. “For now we will wait until we hear what we are told and why the three were suspended. They [top leadership] must decide if they want to bring it to the disciplinary committee or take it to a different level,” he said. According to the Swapo Party constitution, if the disciplinary committee finds the three guilty, they risk expulsion from the party. The suspension came hours after Amupanda had tendered his resignation to the youth league in which he gave notice that he would resign from the league’s national executive committee. By resigning from the SPYL’s national executive committee, Amupanda also gave up the youth wing’s secretary for information, publication and mobilisation position. By Mathias Haufiku
2014-12-05  Mathias Haufiku

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