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Toilet paper factory hoping to recruit 600

2021-09-30  Victoria Kaapanda

Toilet paper factory hoping to recruit 600
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A resident of Okahao in the Omusati region will soon realise his dream to establish a multi-million-dollar pulp paper manufacturing plant and reduce unemployment. 

Alistair Goraseb told New Era that he imports his materials from South Africa. 

“My business is going smoothly. I’m hoping to recruit 600 more by the beginning of next year,” he said. 

The toilet paper factory will also turn pulp into serviettes and tissues, amongst others. 

Goraseb said his idea of setting up the toilet paper factory started many years ago after he observed that Namibia exports a lot of waste paper to South Africa.

“I further explored the idea of producing raw material from waste paper, and to convert toilet paper and paper-related products when I visited factories in South Africa that are producing these products”, he added.

Goraseb said through the assistance of the Namibian government, he is where he is today. 

Inappropriate waste management leads to a number of societal problems such as an increased risk of epidemics, air pollution caused by illegal waste burning, and the pollution of groundwater.

His waste paper recycling project would thus assist in environmental impact reduction.

“Here we care about the cleanliness and sustainable use of natural resources in our country,” Goraseb said.

“I feel a responsibility to leave our natural environment to future generations in a better shape,” he noted.  He furthermore encouraged the youth to initiate projects which will assist them in future to improve their socio-economic status, instead of indulging in negative activities such as using alcohol and drugs. 

“The government offers to render assistance to any youth who comes up with a project that is viable to uplift the social wellbeing of the youth. 

“You should use this opportunity to present your ideas to start up projects in your communities that will enable you to change your social status and in the process alleviate poverty,” he advised.

2021-09-30  Victoria Kaapanda

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