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Toll roads could generate billions

2020-11-17  Edgar Brandt

Toll roads could generate billions
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Edgar Brandt

The Road Fund Administration (RFA) could see up to N$4 billion in toll revenue over five years, according to a feasibility study of a proposed tolling programme. 

The RFA is currently seeking tolling policy support from various government quarters for the establishment of toll roads to generate close to N$4 billion over a five-year period. 

The administration is charged with managing the country’s road user charging system for the preservation and maintenance of Namibia’s roads and has bemoaned the fact that revenue has not kept abreast of road network expansion. 

According to a recent statement from RFA CEO, Ali Ipinge, the administration commissioned a feasibility study on tolling, which was finalised a few months ago. The study findings indicate that tolling of certain road sections in Namibia is feasible and viable and that collectively, these roads could generate in excess of N$3.9 billion over a five-year period. 

“The RFA is currently seeking a ‘tolling policy support’ from government and until such time that policy support has been obtained, tolling is merely one of many proposed new revenue streams that the RFA is exploring to close the funding gap and effectively fund the maintenance and rehabilitation of the national road network,” read Ipinge’s statement. 

In the past, Ipinge has cautioned that Namibia’s excellent road network is in danger of deteriorating if not properly maintained, and this would increase the cost of rehabilitation.  

In previous interviews, Ipinge explained that tolls would be placed on good quality roads with high traffic volumes. 

The tolls would significantly help the RFA to annually raise the estimated N$1.8 billion required to maintain and develop the country’s roads network. 

Namibia still maintains some of the best roads in Africa, having been again ranked number one in terms of road infrastructure on the continent. 

This is according to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Quality of Road Infrastructure Report for 2019. 

Namibia led the top countries on the continent, with Egypt placed second, followed by Rwanda, Morocco, Mauritius and South Africa. 

Time to pay… An illustrative image of a toll gate. 


2020-11-17  Edgar Brandt

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