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Top cop accused of assaulting junior officer

2020-07-31  Obrien Simasiku

Top cop accused of assaulting junior officer
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Zambezi police commander Karl Theron has been under heavy condemnation from the public in the region after it emerged he allegedly manhandled a junior officer, reportedly over the misuse of a police vehicle. 
The incident allegedly happened earlier this week in Theron’s office where the member, a warrant officer by rank, working under the forensic department, was called in to explain why he was driving a service vehicle with a siren on. 

According to sources, the junior officer explained it was an emergency, as the vehicle was transporting a corpse destined for the local mortuary.  The regional commander did, however, not take his explanation lightly. A commotion ensued after and when the victim tried to move out of the office. Theron allegedly pounced on him, resulting in his clothes and uniform getting torn, according to police sources. 
It is alleged the incident took place in full view of other commissioned officers. 

Police spokesperson Kauna Shikwambi, who said she was aware of the allegations, said the victim has since given his statement. “So, I am positive that the issue will be investigated,” she briefly stated in a text message. 
When contacted for comment, Theron could neither confirm nor deny the allegations levelled against him.  “Look, I cannot comment on such allegations where my name is dragged. People are having their stories.” 

Meanwhile, the acting police chief Anna-Marie Nainda told New Era that an investigation would be launched into the matter. 
“As it stands, the regional commander said he reprimanded the member after he was reported for driving a mortuary vehicle recklessly as well as misuse. The member allegedly turned on a siren when driving. As a result, he swept off cars in a dangerous manner, which could have likely caused an accident. He was thus summoned based on that, and the commissioner (Theron) denies having physically assaulted the member,” stressed Nainda. 

“I am, therefore, informed that departmental disciplinary action is instituted and thereafter will be charged for misconduct. The regional commander further plans to lay charges against a certain ex-police officer who took a rant to social media to insult him over the alleged incident.”

2020-07-31  Obrien Simasiku

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