• October 19th, 2019

Top Score introduces new instant pap range

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Business & Finance

Staff reporter Windhoek-Top Score launched its brand-new range of four instant maize porridges, also known as instant pap. The new instant maize porridge will eliminate cooking maize meal while maintain taste, texture and the feeling of the traditionally prepared Top Score porridge. One just has to add hot water or milk to the instant pap and stir it up. The four flavours are plain, with no sugar for savoury meals, that can be enjoyed at a braai or with your dinner; and original that is sweetened along with banana and vanilla as breakfast options. Prices for 500g instant porridge will range between N$9.99 and N$14.99 while the 1kg price is between N$14.99 and N$18.99 depending on the retailer, said Namib Mills spokesperson Ashante Manetti. Speaking at the launch, Namib Mills chief executive officer Ian Collard said that in many parts of Namibia maize meal is the single most important source of nutrition because it is eaten up to three times a day. “This new product can be prepared in just a few minutes,” he added. Collard said loyal Top Score consumers now have the option of an easy and convenient maize meal – it is essentially maize meal or pap on the go. “Top Score instant maize porridge is a naturally high energy product that contains 99 percent natural ingredients and is fortified with vitamins and minerals. It is also a great source of protein. It is a low fat, high energy, gluten-free product, which is very quick and easy to make. One simply has to add hot water or milk and stir it up.” He explained the maize meal is produced through a process called extrusion. He said it is the process whereby pure maize meal is extruded and then milled into a specific fineness. He said sugar, salt, colouring and flavouring as well as vitamins and minerals are then added according to the specific product recipes to create instant maize porridge. Extrusion cooking offers several advantages, both from the manufacturing and from the product quality point of view. The commissioning of the plant amounts to a N$14 million investment. The instant maize porridge production plant is situated in Otavi and has created numerous employment opportunities.
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2018-03-05 10:20:39 | 1 years ago

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