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Top Trending: A teary goodbye to Air Namibia

2021-05-07  Paheja Siririka

Top Trending: A teary goodbye to Air Namibia
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Paheja Siririka

The top trending clip is of former air hostess Sade Shereen Gawanas, who could not hold her tears as she witnessed the return of an aircraft leased to Air Namibia.

Two of the Airbus A330 aircrafts, which were leased to the now-defunct Air Namibia by an Irish company, flew back to their rightful owner last week.

“Seeing the A330 doing its last round reminded me of the reality in which we find ourselves today. A country without a national airline. Air Namibia was our pride, joy, sometimes our frustration, anger and disappointment. So many emotions,” expressed Gawanas in a 6:59-long Facebook clip. 

She said those who have experienced the services of the airline will testify it is a lifetime experience of laughter, joy and immense happiness. “Seeing the flag take off one last time was painful; I could cry right now - that’s how I feel,” said Gawanas, who flew with the airline for about a decade.

“I hope the people sitting behind the liquation are happy; those behind corruption, mismanagement and people who just took it away from us. To all the families who have lost their income – who have lost meaning, I sincerely apologise for not fighting harder and for what you are going through. I apologise that we have people in power who are greedy and corrupt; who just don’t care.”

With tears dripping down her cheeks, the politician-in-the-making bared she is at the forefront, fighting with management on how employees were treated and how people were abusing their positions and power.

In the Facebook clip, widely shared on social media numerous times, many conquered with her, saying: “[We] hope one day the culprits realise they’ve made a huge and stupid mistake”, while some commented they equally feel the pain.

The clip of the plane taking off was on New Era’s social media platforms and raked in more than 700 likes, about 400 comments and close to 200 shares.


2021-05-07  Paheja Siririka

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