• October 26th, 2020

Top Trending - A veto of drag racing and spinning on public roads

The top trending clip on our radar is from the Windhoek City Police services requesting members of the public to help with information that will assist in tracing the drivers of the vehicles which can be seen racing each other at Richardine Kloppers and Chrysler streets in Khomasdal.
Senior Superintendent Adam Eiseb, the Division Head of the Traffic Management Unit at the Windhoek City Police, said the event took place on 3 October and they have obtained footage and were satisfied that the public would be forthcoming with information about the culprits.
“Charges to those held responsible emanate from a host of transgressions that transpired from hosting an event that is not authorised, damage to the road surface. You have people who were operating unregistered or unlicensed vehicles and vehicles that are simply not roadworthy because most of them are modified. They are meant for off-road activities, not on road,” shared Eiseb.

The clip in discussion has received close to 300 shares on Facebook, about 370 comments and more than 230 reactions. 
He also bared that some drivers were underage and did not possess a valid driver’s licence. With comments on social media bashing the police for not doing their job, Eisbe said what is critical to understand is that one thing leads to another.

“All these motor racing sports fall into a bigger category – you have stunt driving, which was happening and that includes spinning, others are called doughnuts, wheelies or burnout. This is the first of its scale that took place in Windhoek, we are on guard to prevent it from happening again because we know the consequences. You cannot host an event and have lives lost for you to start acting,” pointed out Eiseb.
He also said racing has been a phenomenon where people have taken bets, choose the road and start racing and lives were lost in the process. “Common sense is really not common. How does one just think that is right? Until no damage is done; no second brain person will find that spin wrong. Well done City Police Department. Prevention is better than catastrophic damage,” posted Toini Shiyukifeni.
Zinedien van Wyk said: “Mara Gents, for this one neh I’m on the side of the law. Did you guys follow proper procedures and channels to be granted permission to do this? There are no barriers in place that prohibit crowd safety. Who was to be held accountable for any injuries sustained?”
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Paheja Siririka
2020-10-09 11:21:45 | 16 days ago

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