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Top Trending - Adebayor’s alleged dribbling by Dillish

2020-12-11  Paheja Siririka

Top Trending - Adebayor’s alleged dribbling by Dillish
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In a series of Instagram stories condemning the mistreatment he received in Namibia, Togolese professional footballer Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor threaded social media folks on what happened to him when he was accommodated at the coastal town of Swakopmund.

“Your girlfriend tells you: Babe, I am going on a trip with my friend to Swakopmund. A few days later, she is completely unreachable – then you end up finding out she is Luanda, Angola, and she tells you she doesn’t know how she got there, see enjoyment. The first time you talk to her, what do you say?” questioned Adebayor.

With the hashtag PayBackFriday, he continued to vent that he was taken to the coastal town, introduced to who later on turned out not to be the supposed “rich” uncle. The thread of social media rants quickly transitioned into another hashtag DillishDribbledAdebayor, to which the soccer star started using in his post.

“Imagine you send money to your partner as a gift for her family and friends as retribution and gratitude for them taking good care of you while in Namibia, only to find out months later that less than 6% of what you sent was distributed only to her choice of friends and nothing to the family,” posted the frustrated football star.

He added: “Meanwhile, this is the same person with the audacity to call you stingy. A narcissist person will do exactly what I described. Money was sent for your family and you made sure they get which is completely fine but the narcissist in you sure to keep it all and lie about it; I guess you are talking about yourself.”

He mentioned that bipolar and personality disorders describe it especially with a person who sleeps in one country, wakes up in another without knowing how those events transpired.
A tweep tweeted: “Remember what celebration Adebayor did against Arsenal years back, well thank you Dillish for settling that score. Arsenal fans appreciate you.”

2020-12-11  Paheja Siririka

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