• October 25th, 2020

Top trending - Dillish Mathews rubbishes coitus-for-money claims

The top trending clip on our radar is that of Big Brother Africa’s #TheChase season eight winner Dillish Mathews, who set the record straight by refuting allegations that she was asking money from people online, after coming across some messages on WhatsApp of someone pretending to be her.

In the collage of WhatsApp messages, the texter can be seen communicating with someone, who seems to be a foreigner, as she/he asks when he will be returning to Ukraine.
The conversation goes on to mention the amount to be given if they were to meet at a certain hotel in the capital – to which the Dillish-pretend demands N$15 000, and the Ukrainian says he can only give N$10 000 (9 000 hryvnia – the Ukrainian currency), equivalent to N$ 5 244. 
That number quickly went to N$20 000.
Matthews, who celebrated her birthday this week, came forth to rubbish the claims that she is asking money from these rich guys in exchange for coitus.

“So, I was trying to go about my day, preparing for my birthday, and people are sending me this WhatsApp chat of apparently me chatting to somebody. Anyways, anyone who knows me knows it’s not true. My only issue is if you are going to lie with my name, at least put an amount that will sound like a Dillish Mathews amount. Do you think I would sell anything for N$15 000; I have got wristwatches that cost more than that,” she mentioned in an Instagram video.
She said: “Are you mad? They don’t call me D-money for nothing. You have to talk a little bit more than that,” she continued while holding a stash of money.

In the 59-seconds clip, shared many times on social media, she warned people to stop lying with her name. 
“God punish you. A beg, shift – let me go buy chips, chocolate and cake for my birthday tomorrow. Addressing petty little things out here. Nee, tog.”
Meanwhile, her manager has sent out a stern warning to the general public to be wary of people out there trying to scam, using the businesswoman’s name.
- psiririka@nepc.com.na

Paheja Siririka
2020-09-18 13:24:42 | 1 months ago

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