• April 3rd, 2020

TOP TRENDING: JJD v Job Amupanda’s MTC Knockout Project fight

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- Our top trending clip this week is of Businessman Johnny Johnson Doeseb aka JJD’s MTC Knockout project fight against youth activist and academic Job Amupanda. The clip was officially uploaded on New Era’s YouTube channel and widely shared on many social media platforms which garnered different views and opinions about the significance of the project.

JJD was knocked out by Amupanda 46 seconds into the first round. It humbled him as he took it to social media to state his stance on the project. JJD wrote: What happened at the MTC Knockout Project was perhaps the most powerful illustration of what vulnerable Namibians go through every day. People with dreams and aspirations get knocked down. 

As much as there were mixed reactions from the public about the relevance of the entire project and what purpose it serves, it has come to the attention of Entertainment Now! that with the different sponsors that backed different celebrities, N$1 million was made through the project. 

Amupanda was sponsored by The National Special Risks Insurance Association (Nasria) while JJD was sponsored by Metropolitan respectively who each gave N$50 000. 

Check out the video, either on New Era’s YouTube channel, Facebook or Twitter handle.

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