• December 6th, 2020

Top trending - Katlego’s mischievousness lands him in trouble

South African TV personality Katlego Maboe was and still is the talk of the week when he landed in hot water from his wife Monique Muller and ultimately his employer OUTsurance after confessing he had been involved in extramarital affairs which led to the wife contracting an STD.
In what looked like a little child being put in a naughty corner for misbehaving, Muller filmed the interrogation process. 

“Kat, you asked me to calm down, I am calm now. You are not going to waste more of my time, you are either protecting this person or you are going to walk away from your family, that is your choice to make,” said the wife, in a two-minute video on YouTube and other sites.
Maboe inquired from his wife if she is giving him an ultimatum of telling the truth or be separated from his two-year-old son. 
“You destroyed my entire life, you gave me an STD that is destroying my womb and my chances of having another child so don’t ask me about the ultimatums that I am giving you because I have every right to be as angry and to demand the truth. So you are going to tell or you are going to leave,” she fumed.

Maboe eventually confessed and revealed he had cheated on his wife with a certain Nikita Murray, once at his hotel to which Muller said: “You are disgusting.”
Meanwhile, a petition is underway since the scandal broke with about 50 000 signatures to bring back TV presenter after he was taken off air after an inquiry into abuse accusations was levelled against him.

He denied the allegation and in a statement, he acknowledged to being disloyal, saying that he and Muller were “undergoing an unfortunate and painful separation”. 
“I was unfaithful to my partner during a very important time in our lives — an act I regret to this day. We are currently undergoing an unfortunate and painful separation, which is being resolved through legal proceedings. As you can imagine, separations are quite a difficult thing to deal with, especially with a child involved,” he said. 
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Paheja Siririka
2020-10-30 10:09:50 | 1 months ago

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