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Top trending - Martin Shalli apology

2020-11-13  Paheja Siririka

Top trending - Martin Shalli apology
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Retired former chief of the Namibian Defence Force, Martin Shalli was condemned by political parties over remarks attributed to him at a mini Swapo rally held at Five Rand location in Okahandja, where he made remarks saying those who leave the ruling Swapo party to form other parties should be executed.
The 1:16 footage, which garnered more than 30 000 views, 700 reactions and more than 300 comments, show the former chief apologising on live television. 

“I take this opportunity to tell my comrades, members of the Swapo party, as well as any other person whomsoever might have been offended by the statement that I have made. I sincerely withdraw that cut-throat thing and therefore apologise to anybody whom I have offended,” he stated on NBC.

He added: “So comrades, friends… opposition parties, because this statement was made at a political rally, it was meant to canvas support for my party – at the same time to appeal to not only Swapo members but to others as well to vote for Swapo. That’s why I made that statement.”
Facebook user John Shoombe said: “That’s not enough! Just apologise in English, Oshiwambo and Afrikaans – just the way you were talking at Okahandja.”

Mandela Kapere took it social media to say that it’s unfortunate that he (Shalli) made such a statement, regardless the context it was meant in.
He added: “We salute you, Comrade Shalli; there is no dishonour in your retraction”.

2020-11-13  Paheja Siririka

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