• August 10th, 2020

Top Trending: Neville Basson narrates intoxicated Namibians at traffic roadblocks

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- The Top Trending clip on Entertainment Now’s radar is of The Godfather of Namibian Comedy, Neville Basson reciting different tribal groups when being stopped by traffic officers while intoxicated/under the influence of alcohol.

He started with the Ovahereros citing arrogance. “Now you know Hereros are the most arrogant tribe in Namibia, he gets out of the car and says mbuae don’t tash (touch) me, muatje otjiti, I am calling my lawyer,” said Basson in a comedic way. He continues with the omkalos (coloureds). 

“Yere gazie die vamboes het vir my af getrek. Hier is k*k,” said Basson referring to how Coloureds will react over the phone when informing somebody of what is happening to them at a traffic roadblock.

The 2:47 clip recorded by Nickel Van Der Bolo at the launch of the Walvis Bay re-integration Silver Jubilee celebrations gala dinner was uploaded on Facebook last week and has been viewed close to 10 000 times and shared more than 300 times within a week. 

Check it out and have a good laugh courtesy of the Godfather of Comedy and please don’t drink and drive!

New Era Reporter
2019-09-06 10:19:09 | 11 months ago

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