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Top trending - New age rappers

2021-07-16  Paheja Siririka

Top trending - New age rappers
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The top-trending clip on the Vibez! radar is of two locals rapping about hustling in a 3:04 minute video that has been viewed more than 75 000 times on Facebook and other social media sites.

With more than 2 000 likes and about 200 comments, the song was posted by Survivor Liez Haraes on Facebook, where it was widely shared and distributed.

 The clip was initially loaded by a TikToker @user7557864300317lu. The clip is a rib cracker, as the two rappers can be heard spitting rhymes, although rather off-key, with a deep message in Khoekhoegowab.

 “Hustling is very good; how do you just stay home, waiting for people to knock off (chaila) and expect your bread from them. Get up and check your life; everyone wants to see you.”

“When are you getting up and checking your life? When, when, when?” raps ‘Bou aan’.

He questioned: “Why don’t you hustle every day so you can come back with plastics (grocery bags), so the people can be happy with the way you have returned?”

The lyrics continue in a slightly deranged state, bashing at the laziness of people, sitting at their homes, expecting to be taken care of.

“He is being asked when he is going to get up and do something about the situation. He is being told that people want to see him doing something with his life – like, why can’t he also just get up, hustle every day and bring some plastics home? If he does that, the household will be happy with how he returns home,” continue the lyrics.

Elifas Uirab, known as Sydney, teamed up with cousin Bonifacius Links, known as ‘Bou aan’, for the song. 

The Windhoek-based aspiring musicians told VIBEZ! they want to show they are coming into the rapping game and music industry, tapping into the Rap and Ma/Gaisa genres.

 “We are coming into the industry and this is a sign that we have something to offer. All we need now is someone who can assist us with mastering the beat. We have been concentrating on positive feedback on social media, which shows that people are somewhat impressed with what they are hearing, and we intend on continuing with that,” shared Uirab.


He added that the duo has other un-mastered ballads, which need to reach the public’s ears, provided an expert assist in the mastering process.


2021-07-16  Paheja Siririka

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