• August 4th, 2020

Top trending - Shaka Khoza’s apology for explicit footage

The Queen’s actor Sthembiso Khoza who plays the role of Shaka Khoza is the top trending this week after a video of him appearing at a supposed sex party emerged on social media with women dancing bare-chested and twerking naked.
Khoza took it to social media to render an apology for the inappropriate footage, which was not received well by supporters with some asking why he was apologising for having fun.

“Inappropriate video images of myself were leaked online and I would like to profusely apologise to my family, friends, employers, and fans for embarrassing them and myself. I have put Ferguson Films, my family, and Mzansi Magic in a position I regret,” read the tweet.
He further said his actions were unacceptable before begging for forgiveness. 

In a clip, which has set social media alight, the actor beams and gaits around the room, escorted by naked women who starts dancing. 
 It’s a bawdy, explicit x-rated clip, which from the looks of things led to the breaking of lockdown laws by attending a home gathering with friends and strangers. The clip although shows Khoza having fun resulted in the young actor packing a statement showing remorse.
Khoza said: “I take full responsibility, especially at a time we are faced with a serious pandemic. I should have made better decisions. I need to do better. To everyone I have disappointed and hurt, I am truly sorry.”

“Shaka, stop apologising, you did nothing wrong. You were having fun as some people do. The person who took the video is the one who did the harm, you should not be punished for this,” read a statement on Twitter.
The clip, which has garnered extensive views on social media ironically, was taken with so much humour and zest.  
Another comment stated: “But bro you were having fun. People must realise you a normal person you must live like a normal person and have fun.”
– psiririka@nepc.com.na


Paheja Siririka
2020-07-27 15:06:40 | 8 days ago

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