• July 13th, 2020

Top Trending: Start saving now for 2021

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK – The top trending clip on our radar is by Elia Nghinamhito, a 24-year-old automobilist who regularly chauffeurs between Windhoek, Okahandja and Otjiwarongo. In the clip, Nghinamhito is advising people on the importance of saving money.

“I bought a jar at a supermarket in Windhoek and decided to put in whatever coins or paper notes I can find – starting from January and will only open it January the following year – to help me when I am broke at the beginning of the year. Saving money needs patience and discipline; otherwise, you will cut it in December for entertainment and leisure,” Nghinamhito revealed to Entertainment Now!

This is something he has been doing for the past three years, and this time around, Nghinamhito made a saving of N$ 5 760 – way more than the previous years. “In 2017, I saved up N$3 800 and in 2018, I counted N$3 000 – and now, this time, I scored N$5 760, which excludes the coins,” he said.

With the caption My people buy your money box and start saving money for this year and open it next year January 2021, the video uploaded on Ndjeke ya Malimba Giindongo Fans group on Facebook has been shared more than 400 times, garnering more than 300 comments. “The reason I posted it on Facebook is to inspire everyone that it is easy to save money and use it wisely in January when you are broke. Imagine having such an amount from the savings,” said Nghinamhito

He advised people to buy jars now from supermarkets such as Woermann and Brock and start saving now. “Make sure you don’t cut it open until January 2021,” cautioned Nghinamhito.


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2020-01-24 09:22:36 | 5 months ago

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