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Top trending - The King Tee Dee imitator

2021-04-30  Paheja Siririka

Top trending - The King Tee Dee imitator
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The top trending clip on our radar is of Shinana George Chox Kayemele jokingly pretending to be King Tee Dee, seeking legal aid from legal practitioner Kadhila Amoomo and pulling it off so well that he sounds and laughs exactly like the ‘He He He’ hitmaker. The Onayena-born Kayemele can be heard enquiring if Amoomo is the one who “calms fires” (settles and dissolves disputes) in Namibia. 

“Kandhila Amoomo, how is it my friend; it’s Morocky, man. I heard that you are the one calming the fire in Namibia. How do you do it, man? Because I heard the likes of Gazza and PDK asking how you do it and I told them that I will have to call you,” said Kayemele.

The 59-second clip was uploaded by Kadhila Amoomo Legal Practitioners, captioned: “Young kids who create awareness around what we do. Intellectual property!”

 The clip received more than 3 000 likes, about 450 shares and 150 comments, with many comments appreciating the clip. “Young and talented, plus playing a very big role to show the whole country who the real lawyer is,” posted LG George on Facebook.

Johanes Gabes added: “Kadhila, sponsor the boy bro; oshi kamu pandula. Oh, give the boy N$30k ii huvithe nawa; the boy needs data every day to promote your business”. Translated this means Kadhila should sponsor Kayemele N$30 000 as a token of appreciation.  This is not the first time Kayemele is impersonating King Tee Dee; he has done so in the past and as early as last year.

Kayemele is a brilliant impersonator to surely make you laugh your lungs out on a Friday like this.


2021-04-30  Paheja Siririka

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