• April 5th, 2020

Top trending: Usko Nghaamwa - When The Rain Rain So Much Heavily (Ningeni iitale) 2019 Song

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- Our top trending is an audio clip tune which was assembled from a speech done by Ohangwena Regional Governor Usko Nghaamwa a while back. The song came just in time as Namibians haven’t decided on their December jiving/dancing track.

The 4:22 long track was uploaded on YouTube by a channel dubbed NA Music and has accumulated more than 16 000 views since December 8, 2019.

If the rain rain so much, heavily, whatever is during the night, all these people in this area will say uuuuuurrrrrr and the men will say uuuuh uh, ningeni iitale is the catchy chorus that is accompanied by a well-put mellow beat that will make one sing along to.

And with ounonaa va, amushe, you put your hands together you say, oye naanaa continues the tune.
The is definitely Entertainment Now!’s December song, check out the audio clip on YouTube, after all,
it’s local. Credit goes to the originators of the beat and to Governor Nghaamwa for unknowingly
providing the content, he deserves all the royalties if the song gets registered at Nascam.

Staff Reporter
2019-12-13 09:34:05 | 3 months ago

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