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Top trending - When it rains, it pours

2021-01-15  Paheja Siririka

Top trending - When it rains, it pours
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The top trending clip on our radar is of former musician turned businessman Legg-Ghetto Amugulu who gave praise for the changing weather pattern and eventually the country receiving massive showers from all corners.
The clip taken this week shows ‘Still Ghetto’ hitmaker was seen at the Gammams riverbed saying it is a miracle that Windhoek is getting heavy rainfall and ironically the country which is coming from a devastating drought and that this is only happening now when Job Amupanda has become the mayor.

“You see, God is on Job’s side and the whole Namibia. He is busy saving Namibia and soon we are getting land, everybody will be having land and a house to stay. If you go to the north, people are eating fish and mafuma (frogs), enjoying the fruits of natural resources. Job, well done,” he utters in the video.

The 0:58 video posted on social media, specifically Facebook has garnered more than 100 reactions, several comments and numerous shares, with people saying Legg-Ghetto is hilarious and Ngundju Ya Japhet commenting that His Worship the Mayor is busy downloading the rain and plots.

Velishi Nepando said: “Happiness is a state of the mind.”
In the clip, Legg-Ghetto continues to question where Job was all these years. “My brother, where were you all these years, no no no no man, where were you all these years? Just look at all of these people, they are happy and celebrating. You were supposed to be here 10 years ago, we died of drought and everything, well done Job,” concluded Legg-Ghetto who can be seen pointing at the people on the bridge with him and showing the Gammams River flowing, a pretty sight indeed.

 And indeed, when it rains it pours, As much as there is joy over the downpours, vigilance is needed for homeowners who are at risk, especially those whose houses are in low and flat areas and are likely to be flooded like some homes we have seen.


2021-01-15  Paheja Siririka

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