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Trading resumes after Katima market is disinfected

2021-08-02  Staff Reporter

Trading resumes after Katima market is disinfected

Marythar Kambinda


KATIMA MULILO - The Katima Mulilo market, which was temporarily closed on 16 July after some vendors tested positive for Covid-19, was reopened on Thursday after it was disinfected.

Town council CEO Raphael Liswaniso, however, cautioned while addressing the vendors that there are a lot of people who have contracted the virus. 

He thus advised them to take precautionary measures and protect themselves, as by doing so they will also protect their families.

“People are dying. This is the reality, and you are all aware of this. So, let us not be ignorant regarding Covid-19. There are those with sanitisers, and those who do not care as to whether someone will die. Do not think that the reason we closed down the market was due to the fact that we did not want you to operate, but it’s because of the regulations in place for Covid-19,” said Liswaniso.

Mayor Lister Shamalaza also shared similar sentiments, and called on the vendors operating to have their own sanitisers. He further warned that those who would be found without sanitisers and masks will not be permitted to operate. 

“Each and every person should have a mask on, as well as continue to practice social distancing. The virus is still with us, and it kills. So, for those who still do not believe the virus is real, after today, we hope your beliefs will change and you will start complying with the regulations,” the mayor added.

Watson Kalaluka, a local authority councillor, for his part told vendors that the council understands their plight as there are those who rely on selling at the market, and have no other means of generating an income. 

“It is for this reason that we worked tirelessly to ensure that you return to the market. We also ask that the security officers are respected as they are here to ensure that the regulations under the state of emergency are adhered to. Those who have any symptoms should go and get tested, instead of returning to the market. Anyone who suspects a fellow vendor to be infected but yet continues to trade should report such a person in order to avoid a possible closure once the virus spreads to others within the market,” stated the councillor.

2021-08-02  Staff Reporter

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