• July 17th, 2019
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Traditional leaders speak out

WINDHOEK – The Council of Traditional Leaders has denounced what it termed the “violent and systemic targeting, crimilisation, intimidation, torture and killing of women in Namibia”. 

In a statement, the Deputy Chairperson of the Council of Traditional Leaders, Gaob Immanuel ≠Nu-Axa /Gâseb said: “The traditional leaders condemn the longstanding and persistent threat to especially women, the most vulnerable members of society, which now include the murder and kidnapping of young children in Namibia.” 

The gruesome killing of Avihe Cheryl Ujaha recently is the result of a continuous onslaught of a very worrisome increase in horrific murders on women, said /Gâseb. 

He asked that government should as a matter of urgency provide all the necessary resources to strengthen the security of the country, especially the criminal investigations arm. 

“It is disturbing to note that there is a shortage of political will power and determination to seriously look into our increasing crime rate,” said /Gâseb. 

The community, leaders and parents should be part of the solution, he said. 
Also, he implored parents to be actively involved in the lives of their children and educate them on the dangers of drug abuse.  Parents need to be vigilant and also assess the types of friends they [children] have, said /Gâseb. 

“Sadly, times have changed radically and parents are overcome by the challenges of the new generation. The travesty of drugs, alcohol and its consequences in schools should be rightfully dealt with at all levels,” said /Gâseb. 

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