• April 5th, 2020

Traffic chief sends stern warning to drunken drivers

Martha Gabriel

WINDHOEK - The head of the Namibian Police Traffic Law Enforcement Division Commissioner Amalia Gawanas has warned motorists that they will be focusing on drunken drivers over the festive season. 

She further appealed to motorists not to drink and drive to avoid risking the lives of other road users. 
Gawanas said the police have already deployed a large number of traffic officers on national roads, predominantly covering the B1 and B2. Police visibility has also been strengthened.

As at 20 November this year, a total of 2 873 drivers were tested for alcohol countrywide, with 72 testing positive for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The arrested drivers included private, government and public transport drivers. 
Gawanas also added that between 1 January and 8 December this year, a total of 3 331 road crashes were reported and included 5 580 injuries, while 538 people perished.

“The high recorded number of accidents are due to reckless and negligent driving, and that includes drivers consuming alcohol while driving or driving while drunk. 
This needs to stop immediately,” she warned.

According to Gawanas, traffic officers are not only going to focus on drunk drivers but will also concentrate on checking the roadworthiness of vehicles, overloading, as well as the use of mobile phones while driving on the part of motorists.

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2019-12-13 08:01:30 | 3 months ago

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