• August 7th, 2020

Transforming Namibia’s Education System through NIED’s Reform Forum

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Columns, Comment

In 2016 during the Forum of the Commonwealth Council on Education in London, United Kingdom, Professor Peter Katjavivi emphasised that “education reform is top of the agenda of almost every country in the world”. For Namibia, education reform remains a priority. Hence, the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture and Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation in partnership with stakeholders are collectively and systematically implementing the resolutions and outcomes of the National Conference on Education that took place in 2011. The overall aim of the conference was to provide a platform for all stakeholders to interrogate the Namibian education system and contribute towards improved learning outcomes at all levels of education. The essence of this article is to enlighten scholars, academics, educationalists and other individuals (stakeholders) who are interested in the transformation and betterment of the Namibian education system to contribute to the Namibia Reform Forum. The Namibia Reform Forum is an academic journal within the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture under the directorate of National Institute for Educational Development (NIED). The Reform Forum is a platform where educational articles based on practical research are published bi-annually, free of charge. Through the contributions to the Reform Forum, teachers are informed on how to better consolidate teaching practices and enhance teaching and learning skills; use holistic approaches when teaching a class of learners with learning difficulties and disciplinary problems; effectively apply various teaching, learning and assessment strategies in their classrooms; facilitate learning by using effective communication skills or questioning techniques; promote learners’ higher-order thinking skills and enable them to deal with everyday issues such as social, economic and industrial problems and so on. Therefore, the author is calling on all interested persons who wish to contribute to the Reform Forum to submit their contributions/articles for publication. The Reform Forum Editorial Committee Members are Prof C Kasanda (UNAM) and Mr Jafet S Uugwanga (NIED, Research Subdivision). For submission and/or enquiries, please contact Mr JS Uugwanga at: 062-509000/23 or juugwanga@nied.edu.na.
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