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Travel ban stalls alleged paedophile’s case

2021-07-06  Roland Routh

Travel ban stalls alleged paedophile’s case
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The application of Russian national Alexander Krylof (57) and his Namibian counterpart Anna Katrina Engelbrecht (29) launched for a section 174 discharge was postponed yesterday to 16 August.

This was because the accused persons are not allowed to travel from Walvis Bay where they are stationed.

Windhoek High Court Acting Judge Claudia Claasen postponed the matter after being informed that the duo cannot attend the proceedings, as they are not permitted to travel due to the countrywide lockdown imposed by government.

Krylof, who admitted in his plea explanation that he had intercourse with at least five underaged girls during 2017 but denied that he raped any of them, wants the court to dismiss the charges against them.

Krylof and Engelbrecht pleaded not guilty to 42 counts of rape and child trafficking in addition to a charge of supplying minors with cigarettes.

According to Krylof, he paid the girls N$100 each time he had sex with them and further denied that he was aware that they were under-aged.

According to a plea explanation submitted by his lawyer, Marinus Scholtz, the co-accused of Krylof called him during May 2017 and told him there was a lady who wanted to meet with him. 

Krylof then went to where Engelbrecht said they would be in Kuisebmond and spoke to the lady who wanted money and told her he will pay for sex.

She agreed and they went to his flat where she asked him for a cigarette, which he gave her, Krylof stated.

He went on to say that the victim was short in stature and that he asked her age and she replied that she was 17-years old and about to turn 18–years and had completed matric school.

Krylof further said that she was well developed and he did not bother to further ask about her age and they then had sex in which she was experienced.

He continued that he later also had intercourse with accused two and he paid them N$100 each and dropped them off in town.

According to Krylof, the complainant later contacted him regularly and he would pick her up for sex against payment and that whenever she would contact him for money he would give between N$50 and N$100 if he had.

Krylof went on to say that around the beginning of June 2017, the girl would bring along some of her friends and he would have sexual intercourse with them for payment.

2021-07-06  Roland Routh

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