• July 16th, 2019
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Tribute to departed horn man, Dantago Nico (Nicro) //Hoabeb

Front Page News
Front Page News

Carlos Kambaekwa Windhoek-The Namibian music industry awoke to the sad or rather shocking news announcing the sudden departure of one the country’s most celebrated musicians, Nicodemus Dantago Nicodemus //Hoabeb, aka “Nicro”. History reveals that bro “Nic,” as the permanently smiling horn man whose white teeth could only be found in toothbrush advertisements, was affectionately known amongst his musical buddies, was considered the most polished trumpeter in the business. Without an iota of doubt, bro Nic was Namibia’s own Miles Davies in the true sense of the word. The author was privileged to have rub shoulders with bro Nic since our countless on stage confrontations during the infant years of Ugly Creatures and the Baronages pop bands. Both these two bands brought a new dimension to local music, shaping the landscape from pure Mbaqanga music (then popularly referred to as Boy Masaka (a phenomenal Mbaqanga guitarist) to up tempo pop, soul, fusion and rock music in the mid seventies – much to the delight of music revelers. The multi talented Dantago would often shift on the bass guitar, ivories and vocals but it was actually on the trumpet where he made his peers sit and eat humble pie. Who would ever forget the masterful fashion in which he cut his teeth into the straight horn blurring the smooth melodies of the classical jazz tune “The Fifth of Beethoven”? Those who understand and love music would agree that bro Nic was the spine of the Ugly Creatures unmatched unique sound. One could easily notice his absence whenever he was not around. Bro Nick would often collaborate with the equally multi talented lead vocalist, the late Johnny Adams bewitching the pipes with bro Johnny on the saxophone. His death follows that of fellow band members Joni Adams (lead vocals & saxophone) Elvis Afrikaner (rhythm guitar) Japhta !Noabeb (bass guitar) Gotthardt /Awaseb (drums, lead guitar & bass). A founder member of Ugly Creatures, bro Nic was one of very few local musos who could play sheet music without having shed an ounce of sweat (read & write music). Ugly Creatures will honour their departed band member in the most dignified fashion by sending off the iconian trumpeter with a live performance at the Katutura Community Arts Centre tonight 19h00. Tonight’s mouth watering live gig also features the revamped Sigera Fusion band with Whannie, Sledge and DJ Supply in its juicy line up. Entrance is N$30,00 (per person donation) and N$10,00 (donation) Friday, at the Ephesians Congregation. Bro Nic, you might be gone to be reunited with your ancestors, but your musical legacy and intellectual generosity will remain entrenched with us for the remainder of our existence on motherly earth. Abuti Dantago, until we meet again in heaven - !Gaise !Gu re. The burial takes place on Sunday at the Pionierspark Cemetery, South of Windhoek.
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