• February 20th, 2020

Tura beckons Kasi Vibe Festival

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK-The 5th edition of Kais Vibe Festival is starts today until Sunday at the Sam Nujoma Stadium. 
If you have missed the application for having a stall for this upcoming Kasi Vibe Festival, fear not as the application for the second one for the year, 6th edition is open and the festival will be hosted from May 31-June 2 while the final one for the year is slated for the October 4-6, 2019. The requirements for having a stall at the festival are straightforward and that includes exhibitors having social media accounts- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as this helps when it comes to the boosting of the event and pushing the products that will be displayed at the festival. 

For those who want to showcase their goods, “there are no products and services banned or restricted from the festival, we are open to everything,’’ says Salmi Shigwedha, Public Relations Officer. She further highlights some challenges that they face when organising the event. “The venue is one of them,” she states. Shigwedha says that funding the event is a challenge as well as securing corporate assistance. 

For this upcoming Kasi Vibe Festival, Shigwedha says they have approved the application of 150 stalls offering a variety of products and services and it promises to be a fun-filled and entertaining event. “Kasi Vibe is very unique as it caters to the youth, it’s for the youth,” excites Shigwedha. 

This year, Kasi Vibe is being hosted under the theme “Independence”. “We are celebrating independence, diversity, culture so spectators can expect more cultural performances,” says Shigwedha.

Kasi Vibe Festival’s main idea or mandate is to help promote upcoming or established businesses, they want to assist SMEs build their brands and expand their businesses. The event targets the youth (17-35 years old) who want to be entrepreneurs. The exhibitors are young Namibians. It is an edgy, fun and informative set-up hence the use of the word ‘’Kasi’’ which most people when using it, they are referring to their homes or location and vibe is the environment in which the festival is held.

New Era Reporter
2019-03-01 10:59:00 | 11 months ago

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