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Two more suspects escape under police watch

2019-03-07  John Muyamba

Two more suspects escape under police watch

RUNDU - The escape yesterday of  two trial-awaiting inmates at the Rundu Police station in Kavango East has put a spotlight on police possibly ‘sleeping on duty’ as it came barely days after four inmates escaped at Omega.
The two escaped from the police station where armed police guards were on duty around 01h20. 

It is alleged the suspects managed to hack through the burglar bars and broke out with the use of an unknown object to open the main gate from the east side of the old cells and passed through the exit gate where police guard day and night. They managed to get out unnoticed.

The two suspects who have both already made first court appearance were identified as Matome Erastus, 22, and Sikata Abraham Hausiku,28 both Namibians were in custody for house breaking.

“It happened during the night, while our officers are on duty, through the corridor, they made their way out, and we are busy on the ground to re-arrest these culprits,” said the Namibian Police Force’s Crime Investigations Coordinator for the Kavango East Region, Deputy Commissioner Bonifatius Kanyetu.

In a similar event on Friday, four male inmates, two Angolan and two Batswana escaped from the police holding cells at Omega police station in Mukwe Constituency, Kavango East Region on Friday evening at 21h00. 

The inmates made their way out that Friday night unnoticed and are still on the run with no possible trace to date. 
“We still haven’t rearrested them since they escaped, two of them were in custody for rape while two others were in custody for poaching,” said Kanyetu.

The four escapees are still at large and the police have no clue about their whereabouts though there is a strong possibility they may have crossed the border illegally into their countries. “If anyone has information that can help with the re-arrest of these escapees back to the cells in both incidents they are welcome to reach us anytime,” Kanyetu said.

2019-03-07  John Muyamba

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